Hello 2017, Count Your Blessings!

Happy New Year people! Thank you for sticking with me through 2016, I am indeed privileged to be part of your lives and to have you as part of mine.

In my last post here I told you guys how my feeling low on ‘blog-motivation’ was the reason for my absence from the blog for a while and how I was back. Sadly I fell right back into that hole after that post. I felt the blog posts weren’t getting as many views as I wanted and my efforts were not paying off. I thought who would even want to visit a blog about agriculture? Despite my many whatsapp broadcasts. Then I remembered why I started in the first place; to explore my love for writing and document my experiences, not for views and/or blog traffic.

But imagine my shock today when I checked the blog stats for the year 2016 (may 2nd to January 2nd) and I saw this, oh how I was wrong!


Exactly eight months ago today, I wrote this article for another blog, and It was rejected so I said to myself why don’t I just start my own blog? And in eight months and 13 posts, I have been able to reach 297 people, with 532 views in 12 countries. I am certain I do not have half as many friends in real life (being the introvert that I am) and so I am super grateful to each of you who take time out of your day to see what this shy girl behind a laptop has to say, I’m sorry (again) that I took this relationship for granted. I have indeed learnt to count my 297 people blessings.

I see 2017 as another chance, another chance to make right things we did wrong in the last year, those goals we didn’t achieve, the relationships we took for granted (talking to me here), the ideas we failed to follow up on (me again), the resolutions we didn’t keep (still me) and in general, any area we feel like we fell short in the last year.

So here is to another chance to do better, be a better blogger and an even better friend. Cheers to an amazing 2017.

Abisola Oladele


7 thoughts on “Hello 2017, Count Your Blessings!

  1. Awwn….Beautiful!
    Keep reaching the world dear! Super proud of you.. May you achieve greater heights in this 2017 in Jesus name.. Amen!


  2. Wooww!! So nyz to know that someone I know has grown this far n passionate in doing what she likes, more grace to elbow dear, the sky isn’t just ur limit but ur starting point. Kudos


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