The End of My Long Break

Hello everyone,

i would love to give a long and important explanation for my absence, but the truth is, it does not exist. I can only say i have been lazy, and running a little low on ‘blog-motivation’ and i needed to give myself some time. Thank God i am back with a lot of things lined up for the blog,and i am super duper exicted.

First, i would be starting a new agribusiness series, where i’ll provide step by step procudures as well as budgets on as many agricultural buisnesses as i can.

A new section of the blog i termed ‘farm inspiration’ would be starting also, where i’ll be interviewing anyone and everyone who has a successful agricultural business that Is willing to grant me an interview.

I would keep you guys updated with what ever project i start and complete, as long as my clients are willing to let me put their stuff up here.

And finally, we’ll be moving soon! Working on getting my website up and moving the blog over there.

So pls forgive me for my absence and stay tuned to the blog for all of these and more.

P.S If you have a buisness you would like me to discuss about, or you are interested in granting an interview for a farm feature please send a mail to

P.P.S Thank you to everyone that called or sent messages to ask about the blog, you guys rock!

Abisola oladele.


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