The concept of farming to a mordern day Nigerian

A few days ago, my cousins were playing a certain career game where you pick a random number and whatever job is attached to it becomes yours, soon I heard them arguing,and they came up to me and asked “aunty is farming a good job or a bad job?”the question had me like;


Even though I went on to educate them on how much of an awesome job farming is, based on  this post, this just brings to mind the way the society classifies farming, none of those kids were above the age of twelve and they didn’t ask me the same question about being a president, doctor or an engineer. this concept is extended to nearly every Nigerian. At such tender ages, these ideas are already being instilled into them both at home and at schools.

A while back, I visited a friend, we got talking and the following conversation ensued  Friend: why would you go to school to study plants and animals? instead of you to study human beings.”                                                                                                                                                      Me: do you eat human beings?                                                                                                                   why is there such low thinking of farmers in our society? how come the one thing that sustains life is constantly looked down upon? i  could go on with stories of the experiences I’ve had with the tags associated that are with agriculture, but it wouldn’t do much to address the problem, but each of us has a sphere of contact be it our siblings, extended family members or friends or even our kids or those we teach at school, let these people know how much you enjoy practising agriculture and how indispensable the practice of agriculture is to us. If you have kids, you could start a small garden within your compound, let your kids work on it with you, this would go a long way to dispel some of those ideas that fly around.

What are the experiences you’ve had based on the tags associated with agiculture? and in what ways have you been able to correct these ideas? as always, I love to hear from you.          Abisola Oladele.


2 thoughts on “The concept of farming to a mordern day Nigerian

  1. Everyone calls me a farmer just because i am a student of agriculture. They seems to tag all student of agriculture as a farmer; they are just ignorant of the many things we can do and the effect of our contribution to sustainable development. I believe someday people will understand.


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