How much Profit is too much?

The aim of every buisness is to maximize profit, but there such a thing as too much profit? In most cases, commodity and services market, demands and supply regulate price and profit, however, in rare cases where the profit is solely ours to determine, at what point to we draw the line? 50% return on capital? 100% or 150%? Where does it move from profit to a rip off?

Is there even such a thing as too much profit? I had this question on my mind all week long, and i don’t think i have gotten an answer. Please tell me what you think in the comments i love hearing from you guys.
Abisola Oladele.


2 thoughts on “How much Profit is too much?

  1. I guess if there’s a price celling, then there would be a problem but apart from that every business man wants to make as much profit as possible. So I don’t think there’s anything as much profit especially if there’s no price limit. And talking about profit is it d gross or net profit?


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