Analyzing the Commercial poultry Feed market

While we were preparing for our next batch of broilers, we decided to do a market survey to decide what type of feed to use next, as our current brand has become more expensive, and the feed conversion ratio seemed to have reduced i.e the birds were no longer getting as big as they should at a certain age, many other factors such as specie type may also contribute to this, but feed composition plays a vital role. I hear you say why don’t you just make your own feed? Well producing our own feed may turn out to be more expensive in terms of labour and capital, as the price and availability of maize and other ingriedents cannot be  predicted, so to avoid making one batch and getting stuck not being able to produce another, it is safer to just purchase these commercial feeds. But which of them?




This brings me to the purpose  of today’s post, i decided to carry out an experiment!!!  I would be trying 3 different brands of commercial feeds on my next batch of broilers over the course of 8-10 weeks,  feed consumption rate, mortality and weight gain will be monitored weekly while total cost, live weight, carcass quality and resistance to diseases will be asessed at the end of the experiment.

What other parameters do you think can be used to measure the efficiency of these feeds?
I would love to hear your suggestions in the comment section as always.
Abisola Oladele.


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