Two Cents on The farmer, the Market and the middle men

Last week’s post had such great comments and i thought i would dedicate this weeks post to them. If you missed last week’s post,  you can read it here

Adeteoro Faith and Apata Funmi both believe government policies would do no good, and suggest farmers markets would go a long way to helping both farmers and consumers feel less cheated as farmers would have direct contact with thier consumers

Akinrodoye Busayo believes it is not possible to eliminate middle men because it would be counter productive as they play a vital role in the marketing of farm produce, he says the exploitation of by middle men is as a result of market inefficiency a situation where prices of a comodity vary in different markets.
He suggests that storage facilities be provided to the farmers inorder to reduce the pressure to sell at any available price,  he also indicates pressing needs of the farmers as another reason why they would accept ‘unwholesome’ prices from the middle men.

Shotunde Abayommy blames the exploitation of farmers onn thier illiteracy and suggests sensitizing them on how to protect themselves from harmful middle men.

Joshua Oladele thinks government policies have a minor effect on small scale farmers and farming has to become an organization with various sections such as retailing, marketing, human resource etc. He highlights three major advantages of this organization
1. Farming would no longer be seen as a dirty job
2. This would extend employment to other sectors of the economy
3. The price of farm produce can be controlled and thereby driving the cheaters out of the market.
Any more suggestions?  I would love to hear from you in the comments.


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