The New Agriculture

Believe it or not, change is coming to town, not the change of sai Baba, but something else, something more revolutionary, something that would rock the roots of agriculture in Nigeria, I call it the ‘new Agriculture’, I mentioned it  in my last blog post and i would like to explain. This revolution would start by taking over farming from the old folks, while building up a new team of young, vibrant and passionate farmers that would be saddled with the responsibility of feeding our Great nation.We would aim to take the research work of our teachers and lecturers off of the shelves and into the field, working tirelessly to provide high quality food for the populace.

A team of farmers driven so hard by passion, you could literally see farming written on their foreheads, more concerned about quality service than about the money, each individual contributing his or her unique skill set, while making mechanization a stable practice. With about 35,000.000 hectares of arable land in Nigeria,-more arable than 50% of the nations of the world-we would work to produce exportable materials, earning extra income for both the farmer and the country.

Please be aware that this change would not come in a day, a month, or even a year. Maybe a decade or two, but we have to start the work now, building each other up and helping each other grow. I hope you are as passionate as i am about this new regime, because only through passion and hard work can we make this new agriculture more than just a dream.



3 thoughts on “The New Agriculture

  1. I am really in support of the idea n would say if every other young persons agree with your idea, it won’t take a decade…..nice one👍


  2. Sounds more to me like a wishful thinking…we first need proper house to house orientation of unemployed graduates about the benefits of agricultural enterprise and also the government support and investment


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