Towards the end of my undergraduate studies, some conversations became popular among me and my friends one of which was what to do next once school finishes. I realized so many of my friends were making plans to either learn a trade, take a professional course, obtain one form of vocational skill or the other. Their options ranged from fashion designing, hair and make up etc. This is because everyone wants to become an entrepreneur because there are no jobs in the country that can cater for the amount of graduates produced yearly (I know we all know this). Each time I heard any of these things I would look at my friends funny, and say to myself after spending so and so number of years in the university, why would you need to spend another so and so number of years to learn another trade? It dawned on me that not once in my life have I had to make such plans, maybe because I’ve always known what I wanted or because after studying agriculture for 5 years (with one year of INTENSE internship training) I feel like I have learnt nearly everything I need to earn a living out of school, or at the very least, the basics. I believe I have learnt the ultimate trade, obtained an indispensable vocational skill ( i.e. the art of providing man with food) I know will never go out of style, well unless science develops a way for us to survive on only water. Lol. But on a more serious note, I think after studying agriculture all you really need is a little bit of start up capital to get your life moving. I know most graduates of agriculture think you need a huge capital + land + labour to do something meaningful in the agricultural sector. But I really don’t think so. Do you have that extra 10 k lying around hit me up I have at least 10 agribusiness ideas that require less than 10 k capital without the need for land or labour. Throw in a free plot of land and you have another 10 business ideas.

At the end of the day I’m really glad I chose to study agriculture and I would do it again if the need arises.


Abisola Oladele.




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